WISH Stock Forecast: Can Reddit Take ContextLogic to the Moon Next?

by smb@builders, December 28, 2022

wish price prediction

Shares Short Prior Month – the number of shares in short positions in the last month. According to the latest long-term forecast, ContextLogic price will hit $7 by the end of 2024 and then $8 by the middle of 2025. ContextLogic will rise to $10 within the year of 2026, $12 in 2028, $15 in 2032 and $17 in 2035. Remember, you should never invest money you cannot afford to lose. Out of the most recent ratings, the UBS Group downgraded the stock from buy to neutral, with a price target of $4 and an upside of 19.40%. Citigroup also lowered its price target for the Wish stock from $7.50 to $5.50, with an upside of 15.30% while keeping the outlook neutral.

wish price prediction

As of May 2023, ContextLogic Inc. (WISH), the parent company of Wish, a leading e-commerce platform, has demonstrated a resilient position in the e-commerce industry. Wish offers a platform that connects millions of value-conscious consumers with merchants worldwide. While the company experienced fluctuations in stock value in previous years, it has proven its adaptability and growth potential in the volatile e-commerce landscape. It declined to provide an exact top line forecast, but said its revenues had already declined about 15% sequentially so far between the first months of the fourth and first quarters (October 2022 and January 2023). Therefore, 2023 is already shaping up to be another rough year for Wish. It isn’t doomed yet, but I wouldn’t touch its stock until its sequential growth stabilizes.

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On 12 July 2021, ContextLogic appointed Farhang Kassaei, former senior director at Google, to the newly created role of chief technology officer. In August, the firm appointed Tarun Jain to the newly-created position of chief product officer. For Q1 2021, ContextLogic reported a revenue increase of 75% year over year. It’s still growing globally, with partnerships expanding into China, Korea, and other Asian markets. In fact, Asian merchant signups increased by over 480% over 2020. ContextLogic site, but most of the company’s revenue comes from Europe.

  • On a sequential basis, its MAUs still dropped 17%, but its total revenue declined by less than 2%.
  • For Q1 2021, ContextLogic reported a revenue increase of 75% year over year.
  • This lack of profitability could be the primary reason behind the stock price’s decline of more than 92% over the past year.
  • Taking into account the business model of ContextLogic, recent developments, and external influencing factors, the company’s stock holds potential in 2023.

ContextLogic’s revenue plunged 39% in Q3 to $368m from $606m from the same period the previous year. Taking a close look at the company’s businesses, it seems that sales were largely dragged by the marketplace segment, xrpup which declined 52% during Q3 from a year earlier. WISH stock rose 18.4 percent on June 21 and was trading higher in pre-market on June 22. Such volatility isn’t uncommon in stocks targeted by WallStreetBets.

WISH daily forecast for this month

The trend from the April 29th high aligns with the 9th of June high at $15.00 and Thursday’s $14.69 peak. Therefore, should the WISH stock price close above $15.28, it will have cleared two major resistance levels. This would likely result in an initial extension towards $17.00 and potentially higher. Some of WallStreetBets’ recent stock picks have been companies where their views were similar to Wall Street analysts.

  • ContextLogic’s primary platform, Wish, operates a personalized and entertaining mobile shopping experience that is directly connected to manufacturers worldwide.
  • Get stock recommendations, portfolio guidance, and more from The Motley Fool’s premium services.
  • The stock projection varied from the low price target of $4 to a high of $22.
  • Even if this stock is down, at $7, it’s still potentially even of a bargain than it was a few months ago.
  • ContextLogic’s shares plunged by 92.4% over a 12-month period to 27 January 2022, and the Nasdaq Composite, where the stock is listed, edged up nearly 1% during the same period.

Global Share Target is a Professional Business, Stock market information and Crypto news Platform. Here we will provide you only interesting content, which you will like very much. According to Wallet Investor, the stock is an ‘awesome’ long-term investment over one year. Later that year, on 10 November, the company named Vivian Liu as its new chief financial officer.

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If you are a risk-averse and experienced investor, then only invest a small amount in wish stocks this fall. Due to the lockdown, there was a jump in the revenue of the company, but there was no significant growth in the sales of the company, and the net profit of the company is also negative. Given the weak fundamentals of the company, in our opinion, Wish stock does not make a good long-term investment option. According to our analysis, in the year 2025, the minimum price of wish stock can reach $3 to $4.30.

wish price prediction

Wish’s next CEO, who hasn’t been named yet, will need to attract more merchants in the U.S., Europe, and other markets while retaining higher-quality Chinese merchants. If it wants to stabilize its margins, it will also need to accomplish those goals without relying too much on lower commissions, subsidized shipping fees, and other loss-leading perks. I’ve covered Wish’s history and its recent troubles before, but I haven’t talked a lot about its longer-term growth potential. So today I’ll discuss what the next five years might look like for Wish.

Quarterly Numbers

Securities and Exchange Commission or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Further, owners, employees, agents or representatives of Financhill are not acting as investment advisors and might not be registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or the Financial Industry Regulatory. Upgrade to MarketBeat All Access to add more stocks to your watchlist. MarketRank is calculated as an average of available category scores, with extra weight given to analysis and valuation.

Responding to a request from the Business Insider, a Redditor said that they see the fair value of WISH stock at $23 based on the expected revenues of $3.2 billion in 2021. Changes in government policies, particularly in the areas of trade and data privacy, could impact the company’s operations. Regulatory changes affecting online commerce or international trade could influence the operational costs or practices of ContextLogic, thereby impacting the stock price.

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It also recently announced that it would lay off about 17% of its workforce. Wish might initially seem like an inflation-resistant play because it sells cheap products to lower-income shoppers. Wish briefly became the most downloaded shopping app globally during the worst of the pandemic, but quality control issues and lengthy shipping times snuffed out that initial interest. The post-pandemic slowdown of the e-commerce sector exacerbated that pain, and Wish struggled to stay relevant as new competitors like Pinduoduo’s Temu entered the market.

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Wish was even banned in France in late 2021 for allegedly selling counterfeit, dangerous, and low-quality goods. For the full year, Wish’s revenue plummeted 73% to $571 million, compared to its 18% decline in 2021, as its net loss widened from $361 million to $384 million. It ended the year with just 20 million monthly active users (MAUs), compared to 74 million MAUs at the end of 2021 and 107 million MAUs at the time of its IPO in late 2020. If that happens, then investors who buy the stock today at less than one times this year’s sales could be well rewarded over the next five years. But for now, Wish is still cheap for obvious reasons, and I think investors should continue to avoid its battered stock until some green shoots appear. For inspiration, Wish should look at Vipshop’s (VIPS -0.62%) decline and rebirth in China.

WISH vs Internet Retail Stocks

The vast majority of consumers remain online despite the reopening of brick-and-mortar locations. At first, Wish tried to stabilize its business by offering more generous shipping subsidies to its higher-ranked merchants while aggressively expanding its own logistics network to expedite the shipping process. It reined in its marketing spending to offset those high expenses, but that strategy merely reduced the visibility of its brand and caused its MAUs to plummet.

wish price prediction

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